Watch Out for Coronavirus Vaccine Scams

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Beware COVID Vaccine Scams

It's important to get vaccinated, but be sure you don't fall prey to COVID-19 scammers. Read on to learn how to keep yourself safe.

Picture this: you're having trouble getting an appointment for a vaccine, then, suddenly, a stranger you've been chatting with online says they're getting one soon; upon expressing your interest, they offer to give you their spot in line -- for a fee.

This is just one of many SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) vaccine scams that flim-flam men are trying to pull on people.

A hand holding up a vial labelled "COVID-19 vaccine."

Here are some tell-tale signs of potential COVID vaccine scams:

  • Being asked to pay out-of-pocket to get the vaccine

    • In the United States, the COVID-19 vaccines are completely free of charge for everyone; if you're being asked to pay, it's fraudulent.

  • Receiving ads for vaccines through social media services

  • Offers to be shipped or sold doses of a vaccine

  • Claims of FDA or USDA approval of a vaccine you've never heard of

  • Unsolicited calls asking for personal information such as your Social Security number or Medicare number.

  • Anyone pressing you to act "immediately"

If you suspect you've been a victim of or have encountered a COVID-19 vaccine scam, report the fraud by contacting one or more of the following:

A round blue medical face mask against a white background.

To protect yourself, remember to:

  • Only get your information about the vaccine from your local health authorities, such as the County or State Health Department.

  • Do not share your personal medical information with anyone other than known, trusted medical professionals

  • Verify the information of anyone reaching out to you to set up an appointment

For up-to-date and accurate information on COVID-19, visit the HHS, FBI, CDC, the Dept. of Justice,, or Also see the website for Pandemic Oversight.

Click here for the Wicomico County Department of Health official website, and here for the Maryland State Dept. of Health.

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