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At CFS, we utilize a holistic approach to wealth management that goes beyond just managing your investment portfolio. Comprised of both CFA and CFP professionals, our team ensures that your wealth is managed in a way that is tailored to your individual risk tolerance, financial planning objectives and tax consideration needs. Our investment strategies and solutions are constructed in-house, utilizing a robust research and review process, ensuring only funds that meet our standards are included in your portfolio.

Investment Planning

At CFS, we have assembled a team of experienced, highly qualified financial professionals who have been helping families pursue their financial goals for over 35 years. Our financial advisors are independent and can offer a wide variety of solutions to help meet your financial goals. Our financial planning and investment advice are carefully developed with the client's best interest in mind—the client always comes first! Our team is committed to exceptional client service, and we're always available to answer your questions or concerns.

Securities and advisory services offered through Cetera Advisors LLC, member FINRA/SIPC, a broker/dealer and a Registered Investment Advisor. CFS is independent of Cetera Advisors LLC.

Retirement Planning Strategies

Planning for retirement is an ongoing journey, and the experienced team at CFS is here to help you be prepared every step of the way. Wherever you are in your retirement journey, whether just saving for or nearing retirement, CFS Retirement Solutions will build a custom-tailored plan for you and your needs. With over 35 years of experience helping families plan their retirement on the Eastern Shore, with CFS you're in good hands.

Estate & Trust Coordination

Estate management is about preserving the assets you've spent a lifetime building. It's about protecting your spouse, children, or other heirs and ensuring that your assets are distributed how and when you want them to be. Finally, estate management is about managing the amount of estate taxes that may be due after your death. There are some fundamental estate management principles that can enable you to manage your financial and personal affairs during your lifetime and distribute your wealth after death. The team at CFS is here to help coordinate your estate and trust management plan. 

Cash Flow Analysis & Budgeting

Understanding money matters and managing your cash flow are an integral part of any sound financial management strategy. Effectively managing your cash flow can free up capital to save and invest—assets you can put to work helping you pursue your financial goals. CFS provides you with tools, counseling, and advice on how to make the most of your money and stretch your dollar. Check out our comprehensive Cash Flow Statement presentation, and calculate your current cash flow. Read here for money-saving tips.

Income Distribution Plans

Income distribution is the process by which assets you've saved for retirement are paid out to you during your retirement. The experienced, professional team at CFS will be sure to match your retirement planning strategy with an effective income distribution plan tailored to your needs.

Detailed Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, some people want to just put their money away and not worry about it, while others want to stay up to date on all the details. At CFS, we can accommodate both types of folks, and everyone in between. Your friendly financial advisors are more than willing to go over even the finest details with you, at any time—or, if you prefer, you can just leave it to us. No question or concern is left unanswered at CFS, where the client comes first!

Tax Planning Strategies

We have over 25 years of local tax preparation experience, including a CPA and CFP® on staff capable of addressing any tax issues or questions that may arise. With the ever-changing tax laws, it pays to trust a professional that is up-to-date on these changes; We take pride in the continuing education that we take advantage of each year in order to keep up with every piece of information that can benefit our clients. Our friendly staff is prepared to be of service to you; be it our flexible schedule or quick preparation time, our number one priority is you! Click here to see our tax page and learn more.

Daily Investment Monitoring

From market open to market close, your team at CFS carefully monitors the markets on a daily basis, and adjusts your investment as needed.
Investments in securities do not offer a fixed rate of return. Principle, yield and/or share price will fluctuate with changes in market conditions and, when sold or redeemed, you may receive more or less than originally invested. No system or financial planning strategy can guarantee future results.

Periodic Reviews

At CFS, we never leave you in the dark. The client always comes first, and that means being transparent and communicative with you. This includes periodic reviews of your financial plan, keeping you informed and educated about where your money is going. By phone, video call, or in-person, CFS is here to help you sail smoothly on the financial waters.

College Planning & Preparation

It's never too late to start saving for college, nor is it ever too early. With consistently rising tuition costs, it's important to start saving soon. At CFS we can help put together a comprehensive college savings plan for your family, ensuring your children get the higher education they deserve.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Is protecting your financial security important to you? You can rely on our insurance team's experience, knowledge, and advice to obtain the best insurance coverage and premiums for you, your business, and your family. CFS Insurance Solutions has access to all major carriers. Andrew Benjamin leads the division and works diligently to educate his clients regarding insurance coverage; coupled with outstanding service, this brings him many referrals and repeat business. Andrew works closely with attorneys and other advisors in crafting individualized plans for our clients, and is highly familiar with the community resources. Andrew is always available to address any of your insurance questions and review existing coverage. From long-term care insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, individual, group, and health insurance: CFS Insurance Solutions is here to meet your insurance needs.
The above individual, Andrew H. Benjamin, is not affiliated or registered with Cetera Advisors LLC. Any information provided by this individual is provided entirely on behalf of CFS Insurance Solutions and is not affiliated with Cetera Advisors LLC or its registered representatives.

Long-Term Care Solutions

Our insurance team will work as your trusted advisor to the best-in-class long-term care solutions for you and your family. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and expedient care coordination to our clients. CFS delivers solutions for long-term care assessment, planning, and support services.

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