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A Small Business, Helping small Businesses

Because we’re a small, community-oriented business, we understand what it takes to successfully implement employee retirement plans on behalf of other small businesses. Our hands-on approach to qualified retirement plan administration and management simplifies your experience, while our focus on consistent review and fiduciary responsibility delegation ensures peak operational efficiency.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

At CFS we believe that your retirement plans should be efficient tools to attract and keep top-notch employees. But there are additional peripheral benefits beyond that primary aim. These include a catered plan design, simplifying administrative issues, improving operational efficiency and oversight and offering hands-on retirement education and coaching. Incorporating these benefits into building retirement benefits for your employees are essentials when it comes to recruitment and retention.

Plan design & assessment

Retirement planning is rarely static. Rather, it can change, based on market conditions, participant requirements and other factors. This is why we continually monitor plan performance, placing an ongoing emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of each plan and its outcomes. This allows us to alter strategies to protect and/or take advantage of market conditions. This flexibility and ability to change helps support evolution of both plan participants, as well as your business. We also stay up to date on laws like the Secure Act 2.0 passing so we can work with plan participants to make sure you understand the value in your company’s plan. 

How We Help:

  • Auto-enrollment
  • Auto-escalation
  • Profit Sharing
  • Discretionary Match
  • Safe Harbor
  • Roth & Cash Balance

participant Guidance & Education

It’s a fact that financial literacy is at an all-time low. The CFS team proactively works with your employees, helping them understand the importance of budgeting and saving. We also help clarify spending decisions, touching on topics like the difference between “good” and “bad” debt. This process helps your employees make financial decisions that support their goals.

You and your employees have several options when it comes to defined contribution plans for retirement. To cut through the clutter, we meet with your employees – many times, one-on-one – to discuss various plans and benefits. This engagement helps educate your employees, leading to better overall outcomes. Sharing the pros and cons of different IRAs, loan versus distribution and long-term benefits also boost employee understanding, while increasing enthusiasm in retirement plan participation.

Fiduciary support

In many cases, fiduciary duty for a retirement plan is shared among multiple trustees. This can create confusion. At CFS, we take the fiduciary standard seriously, confirming that all involved parties are aware of their obligation to the plan. We also ensure these parties understand the potential consequences occurring from neglecting responsibilities. This process provides confidence in the plan's operations and returns to your employees, while potentially lessening any operational risks.

full fee transparency

Costs represent another significant component and concern of qualified plans. To erode any concern, we focus on fee and cost transparency. We use “zero revenue” share class funds, which provide a competitive and level fee structure, as well as full transparency and bias removal from recommendations. In short, we don’t push commission-specific products. This ensures the best for your employees and participants, along with the growth of the plans over time.

Our Approach

Our philosophy involves more than creating and maintaining portfolios. Our focus on people ensures the best approach and outcome for what you need.

Our Approach

Our Team

Our team believes that service is our calling. As such, we place you first, offering our skills and knowledge to help focus on what’s important to you.

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